An expert eye for scale and graceful proportions, imaginative solutions, and luxurious palettes of color and texture distinguish Lynne Carey as a sought-after design industry expert and a respected member of California’s design community.


Lynne’s passion for classically elegant design rose early in her life. She credits the experience of living as an art student in Florence as the cornerstone of her career path.  After receiving a degree in Interior Design, Lynne expanded her knowledge designing corporate interiors with Milton Swimmer Planning and Design in Beverly Hills, and Environmental Planning and Research in San Francisco.  As an Associate at EPR, Lynne was responsible for the conceptual design and detailing, the interior space planning, and the custom design of furnishings and fabrics for major US and International corporations.


Lynne Carey Design was established in 1982, with the design of the Visa International World Headquarters.  Interior projects developing executive offices for the President of Charles Schwab and Company, the President of Bank of America Global Retail Bank, and two corporate headquarters for the University of California Office of the President, soon followed.  Clients respected and appreciated Lynne’s ability to listen and be attentive to their goals, consistently delivering projects with the business oriented focus of maintaining budgets and schedules.


Corporate clients began to request Lynne’s committed level of refinement, creative spirit, and attention to detail for their homes.


Today, the focus is residential design for a diverse clientele, with projects in the San Francisco Bay Area, Pebble Beach, Florida, and the Bahamas.  Collaborations with architects and craftsmen on new construction and renovations have ranged from the design of a single room to furnishing a 16,000 square foot residence, to creating weekend retreats, corporate apartments and executive offices.  Lynne composes settings of timeless design, respectful of classical references, an appreciation of Old World artisan craftsmanship, and an expectation of quality in every detail.


“Clients ask me for an environment that welcomes them, who they are and how they choose to live.  It is a sensitive challenge to connect with a Client’s history and develop a shared vision for the future.  The most appreciated homes have a story that unfolds in each room, one that invites the desire to walk through the doorway, sit down, and enjoy.”


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